Process mapping

Process mapping<교육훈련<홈

Process Mapping

This course is designed to teach attendees to map their business processes in order to identify where the processes need improvement, as well as how to document them.
For Whom
Managers, Process Engineer, Management representatives, Champions, Six Sigma Improvement green and black teams etc.
Upon completion of the course the participants will be able to:
- Processes and process identification
- Process management
- Process management software
- Process mapping
- Facilitating a mapping session
- Collecting data
- Analyzing the process data
- Changing the process
- Improvement

Course Outline

Section I
Why Map a Process?
Section II
Process Mapping
Section III
Relationship Maps
Section IV
Cross-Functional Process Map
Section V
Analyzing a Process with software tool
Section VI
Case studies
8 hours (1 day)
Teaching Methodology
Is comprised of tutorials and practical workshops. Each module will have an associated workshop that encourages the participation of all the attendees.